Brief Introduction

Our mission is to bring alternative, renewable energy technologies in the country’s current portfolio by offering design, installation, maintenance and services for both the governmental and private sectors. Furthermore, delivering cleaner and smarter energy choices and thereby reducing both Kuwait’s carbon footprint and electricity consumption.


Our Sectors

  • – Energy Efficiency
  • – Environmental
  • – Renewable Energy




1. KNPC 26 Fuel Station Design

Providing a complete and operable Photovoltaic (PV) Systems that meet the contract requirements and the latest available Regulations. Designing as shop drawings the photovoltaic system [MAX OUTPUT], selecting the most appropriate photovoltaic equipment, and installing the photovoltaic System and undertake all requisite activities on behalf of the owner to provide a turnkey photovoltaic systems. Providing qualified and experienced staff for all aspects of the Project, and such staff shall be specifically qualified and experienced in the engineering, design, installation, and operation of photovoltaic systems.

2. KOC Solar PV System Design

Designing an exhibition building for KOC and introducing LEED Certification to this project to promote sustainability using green building technologies which will include renewable energy systems such as Solar power on car port, solar hot water, water recycling and energy efficiency technologies.


3. Adiliya Villa Project 7.5 kW

This system was designed and installed in a villa located in Adiliya, Kuwait. The system is capable to generate a maximum power of 7.5kW.


4. KOC Ahmadi Oasis – Project 18 kW Hybrid PV System

The main contractor for this project is Faddan General Trading & Contracting Company, Solarity United Company is the sub-contractor for the designing and installation of Solar Photovoltaic Hybrid System. Moreover, a 15kW hybrid system was designed and the material were supplied.


5. Jabriya Park Street Light Maintenance

Along with Several Renewable Energy Projects, Solarity is also involved in Troubleshooting and Maintaining Solar Street Lights in Kuwait. In Jabriya Park, 189 street lights were tested and the faulty parts were replaced.


6. Roof top PV panels 50KW in American United School (AUS)

The project involved the installation of Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels on the roof of building which will have an energy generation capacity of 50kW.The proposed works included: the erection of scaffolding, installation of mounting structure, PV panels and cabling.

Coordinate, supply, install, handover and maintenance complete phase 2 activities, automatic panel cleaning system, conduit & cable routing, inverters and students training board.


7. Solar PV Training Center - Enertech Training Center in Kuwait Institute for Scientific Researches (KISR)

Solar hybrid training system provides the materials necessary to teach about solar renewable energy and the typical applications for harnessing electrical power from this energy source.

Solar On-Grid training system provides the materials necessary to teach about solar renewable energy and the typical applications for harnessing electrical power from this energy source.


8. Solar Thermal Cooling & Heating System - Kuwait University

Simply stated, when the sun is shining, heat energy is absorbed by the solar panel’s absorber plate and transferred to the HTF circulating through the solar panel. The system pump circulates this heated fluid through the panel piping and integral tank heat exchanger located in the bottom of the storage tank.

As the HTF passes through the heat exchanger the heat in the fluid is transferred by conduction to the potable water in the solar storage tank. As this process is continuously repeated, the water temperature in the solar storage tank rises.