Colour Changing Bubble Lights

The 4 Color Changing Solar Bubble Lights are all powered from one solar panel pack.

This means as long as the panel is positioned in a sunny location within 4.5 meters of the control box and then 2 meters of cable to the first bubble light then the lights themselves can be positioned in the shade.

Light sensor is in the solar panel so as soon as it gets dark the lights will come on for 8 hours.

iPS Technology enables these lights to work all year round even when we experience several dull sunless days.

Smooth Color changing LEDs create a rainbow of colors as they gradiate from one color to the next.

80 centimeters of cable between each light make this set of four solar bubble lights ideal for bordering paths.

• IP44 Waterproof
• 1hr sunlight = 2 hours operation
• 20hr battery storage capacity
• 3.6V 800mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack