Solar Car Ventilator


Solar Car Ventilator: Specially designed for vehicles, this ventilator draws hot, stagnate air out of your car and fresh, cooler air back into your car. All of this takes place while your window is closed and your car remains secure. Some customers have found that, especially for large vehicles, using two fans in tandem provides an even better affect.

• Solar-powered fan vents your vehicle while it’s parked
• Vents hot stale air, humidity, pet and tobacco odors
• Exchanges the air in your vehicle approximately every 20 minutes
• Powered by free solar energy—no batteries required
• Installs in seconds right onto your vehicle’s window
• Protects your interior from the damaging effects of heat build-up
• Reduces the strain on your air conditioning during start-ups
• Includes weatherproof fitting strips so windows stay securely closed
• Your Trillium AutoVent Solar Powered Vent is backed by a 30-day warranty
Beat the heat at its own game with the Trillium AutoVent Solar Powered Vent. Trillium’s solar ventilator harnesses the power of the sun to eliminate hot stale air and replace it with fresh air about every 20 minutes—all while your vehicle is parked.

By reducing the interior temperatures of your vehicle, the AutoVent Solar Powered Ventilator helps protect your interior from heat damage. Plus, you won’t feel like you’re climbing into a blast furnace whenever you enter your car.

The Trillium AutoVent car ventilator includes a weatherproof strip that allows your windows to stay securely closed while the vent does its work. Installation is easy and there are never any batteries to change. Plus, Trillium backs your AutoVent SPV with a cool 30-day warranty.
Not recommended for use in vehicles with tinted windows